Acrylic Prints – Wall Mounted

Acrylic Prints – Wall Mounted

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Acrylic is an alternative way to display your prints for maximum depth and vibrancy. Colours are illuminated and intensified in a modern way to transform your interior space and provide a high definition gallery feel.

Acrylic Prints provides dimension and durability and is ideal for:
Wall art and decor.
Personal photo gifts.
Fixed signage.

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11 size options, from 210 x 148 mm to 1189 x 841 mm
Clear hi-gloss finish
3 mm thick acrylic
UV and weather resistant
Print is vibrant, smooth and high-resolution
Stainless steel space mounts available in 4 sizes (Please note: A6 and A5 sizes do not include wall spaces.)

Standard Surface Mounting

Most acrylic prints are designed to be standard surface mounted. This is the easiest and most cost-effective method of mounting an acrylic print. When standard surface mounting an acrylic print, you will apply your mounting tape directly to the back of the acrylic print. From there, you can place the print on a smooth surface such as a wall, a table, or a desk. As the name suggests, this mounting method does not involve any special preparations with the wall in order to make sure it can support the weight of the acrylic print. This means you can use this mounting method even if you are not sure the wall is up to the task. When using standard surface mounting, you will apply your acrylic print to a wall in a way that is quite similar to applying wallpaper. The main difference is that you’ll be applying the mounting tape to the back of the acrylic print rather than to the wall itself.

Wall-Mounted Installation

Wall-mounted installation is designed for people who want to showcase their acrylic prints in a way that’s more visually appealing and impactful than standard surface mounting. Wall-mounted installation is designed to look as much like a standard piece of art as possible and it is sure to add a very stylish and dynamic effect to any room. Wall-mounted installation is only recommended for acrylic prints that are rated up to 32” in width, which covers most acrylic prints. For this mounting method, you will carefully adhere the acrylic print to a board that can support its weight. From there, you will use mounting tape to adhere the board to the wall. This mounting method is much more involved than standard surface mounting. In fact, it is one of the most complex mounting methods available for acrylic prints. This mounting method also comes with a higher price tag than standard mounting, although not by as much as you might think.

Pros of Acrylic Prints

When compared to other mounting options, acrylic prints are almost flawless. However, they do come with a couple of distinct advantages that make them worth all the effort. – Crystal Clear Clarity – One of the most impressive qualities of acrylic prints is their crystal clear clarity. This is achieved by using special inks that are formulated to allow light to pass through them, just as light passes through a clear piece of glass. – Impactful Design – Another benefit of using acrylic prints is that they allow for stunning, impactful designs. In fact, acrylic prints are so transparent that they are often mistaken for glass. This makes them ideal for any room where you want a display piece to have a clean, modern look.

Cons of Acrylic Prints

Not all is sunshine and rainbows when it comes to acrylic prints. While they are clearly a very attractive option worth considering for your next project, there are a couple of disadvantages to keep in mind. – Higher Cost – One minor drawback to acrylic prints is that they are a bit more expensive than other mounting options. This can be an issue if you are working with a limited budget, but it is still worth considering acrylic prints since they are so effective. – Higher Risk of Damage – Another disadvantage of acrylic prints is a slight risk of damage. While acrylic prints are very durable, they are not completely scratch-resistant. This means you will have to be careful when handling your acrylic prints.

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Standard Sizes

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Original Acrylic Prints – Wall Mounted Design Guidelines

  • Bleed Area: 3.66" x 2.16"

    Make sure that your background extends to fill the bleed to avoid your Business Cards having white edges when trimmed.

  • Trim: 3.50" x 2.0"

    This is where we aim to cut your cards.

  • Safe Area: 3.34" x 1.84"

    Make sure any important aspects of your design such as text and logos are inside of the safe area, otherwise they may be cut off.

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