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What is Vinyl Printing ?

  • Vinyl is a self-adhesive paper/media which comes in various finishes and grades.
  • Vinyl is typically printed using solvent based ink which is very resistant to fading, is scratch resistant and doesn’t crack when contoured.
  • This allows vinyl to be used in signage, vehicle branding, stickers, branding.
  • Sign companies will further apply the vinyl on various boards and substrates depending on usage. Typically Correx, ABS, Chromodek, Foam Board, Perspex & Acrylic.
  • When one further couples this with the ability to digital cut shapes from the vinyl, the possibilities become endless.

We @ The Print Shop only use Roland eco-solvent printers & ink which is the Rolls Royce of printers and allows to produce the highest quality of solvent print available.

We offer high quality durable vinyl printing.

  • High Gloss @ R200 per sqm
  • Matt @ R250 per sqm
  • Clear @ R250 per sqm
  • Foil @ R350 per sqm
  • Reflective @ R500 per sqm

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We print and cut vinyl stickers to any shape

Popular products:

  • 1000 License Discs Stickers @ R1750
  • 1000 Bumper Stickers @ R2000
  • 1000 Business Card Stickers @ R1350

Vinyl Applications