Die Cutting


Die cutting is a process of using a die to cut out shapes from materials such as paper, fabrics, or metal sheets. The die is a sharp-edged tool that has the same dimensions as the desired shape.

Die cutting allows for consistent and accurate cuts and is often used for mass-producing items such as chipboard or cut-out shapes. Die cutting can be done by hand or with a machine. Handheld dies are available in various sizes and shapes, and can be used to cut paper, fabric, rubber, or thin metal sheets. Machine die cutting is faster and more precise than hand die cutting, but it requires special equipment that may not be readily available to everyone.

Whether you are looking to create one-of-a-kind crafts or need to mass produce identical items, die cutting is an efficient way to get the job done quickly and accurately. With a wide variety of dies available on the market today – ranging from simple geometric shapes to complex designs – there’s sure to be a die that meets your needs.

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