Wiro Bound Books

Wiro Bound Books

Our Wiro Bound Books are perfect for those who want a stylish and professional look for their documents. Made with high-quality materials, these books are built to last. Whether you’re looking for a guest book for your wedding or a notebook for work, our Wiro Bound Books are a great choice.


What Are Wiro Bound Books?

Wiro bound books are books that has been bound with a wire binding. The spine of the book is constructed with a continuous length of wire that is bent into shape. The pages are then attached to the spine by stitching through the fold of each page at the top and bottom. A wiro bound book will typically have a visible line of stitching along the spine that is different from the stitching that holds the pages together. This line is typically silver, gold, or black. In addition, the pages will often have a fold at the top, which runs perpendicular to the spine. The advantage of having a visible wire binding is that the reader can easily see which page they’re on without having to open up the book.

Why Are these Books Becoming More Common?

One of the biggest advantages of these books is that they can be manufactured in larger quantities. This means that they can be produced less expensively, which in turn means they can be sold at a lower price point. For consumers, this means that they can take advantage of cheap or discounted prices for their favorite books. And if you are a collector or someone who likes to buy used books, these less-expensive options can help you build your collection. Depending on the type of book it is, these books are also more durable than traditional cloth binding. This is particularly true for textbooks and other books that will be used and handled frequently.

Advantages of these Books

Crisp and clean appearance: Wire bound books have a cleaner look than cloth bound books. This is particularly true with black or gold wire binding.

Durability: These books are more durable than traditional cloth bound books. This is especially true for textbooks which are often wire bound.

Pricing: Because they can be produced in larger quantities, these books can be sold at a lower price point.

Portability: Wiro bound books are lighter and less bulky than cloth bound books. This makes them easier to carry and travel with.

Visibility: Because the spine is visible, you can easily see which page you’re on without having to open up the book.

Versatility: You can use wiro bound books for several different types of content. This includes textbooks, journals, calendars, and cookbooks.

Accessibility: Wiro bound books are also more accessible to readers with disabilities such as arthritis.

Original Wiro Bound Books Design Guidelines

  • Bleed Area: 3.66" x 2.16"

    Make sure that your background extends to fill the bleed to avoid your Business Cards having white edges when trimmed.

  • Trim: 3.50" x 2.0"

    This is where we aim to cut your cards.

  • Safe Area: 3.34" x 1.84"

    Make sure any important aspects of your design such as text and logos are inside of the safe area, otherwise they may be cut off.

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